For the small business social networker it seems that the two main networks are Facebook and Twitter. An obvious network that is often overlooked is Google+.

Why Use Google+

The simple answer is because it is controlled by Google and they in turn process the vast majority of the words internet searches. Google has started using the content and information from Google+ to help improve search their results so a well populated Google+ profile will help towards improving your Search Engine Optimisation.

Some other benefits


When you post on Google plus you have the option of making your post public (so anyone can see it), shared with an individual or with a Circle.
Circles are a bit of a crossover between Facebook Friends and Groups. Circles allow you to take your Google+ contacts and place them into separate groups with common attributes. For example you might have a customer circle, a supplier circle and a prospects circle. This way you can tailor your message to your messages to the various groups you do business with.


A hangout is like creating a chat room where you can video conference with a small group. It can be a cost effective way to hold informal concept testing with customers or can also be another great way to offer online support to customers.


Using this feature you can create and promote events. Even better once the event is in full swing you can use your phone to instantly upload photos so that everyone not attending can see what they’re missing out on.

Get onto Google+

So if you’re not already on Google+ then we recommend that you give it a go. To help get you started why don’t you follow along with us to help get a feel for what is going on – Connect with Beyond Square on Google+
In case you are worried that all of these different networks are to much of a time drain, stick with us as next week we will look at a tool to help ease the time drain.