Social Media

Social Media is now the most cost effective means to target your potential clients. It’s also a fantastic way to keep your current clients engaged and spreading the word about your business. Our Social Media Marketing solution gives you broad coverage across a range of platforms including (but not limited to):

  • Linkedin;
  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Google+;
  • Youtube;
  • Pinterest;
  • Instagram;

Set up

Where you do not have a presence on these platforms we can create them for you. If you are already using them we can review your listings and where necessary update them to make sure you are maximising your position.


We offer an ongoing management service that has the following features and benefits:

Find Out More

Fill out our ‘Request A Follow Up’ form and we can contact you to discuss your needs and budget in more detail.


Content Management

As part of the package we create regular (for the most part at least once each working day) and valuable posts to help engage your follows/fans.

From time to time we will seek input from you to help make sure that our content is natural and reflects the image of your business rather than just being a sterile out of the box content creation exercise.


Where there is an appetite to run advertising on these platforms we can create and run campaigns for you within your agreed budget.



We can make sure that your website links to your social media presence and vice versa. Where relevant third party apps and sites can also be integrated to your advantage we can arrange this as well.