Online Advertising

Advertising online is a very efficient way to reach a very targeted audience.

We’re able to help you create, implement and track your campaigns so that they target your specific audiences in a cost effective manner.

Advertising solutions that we can assist you with include:

  • Paid search results on the major search engines;
  • Social Media ads and sponsored posts; and
  • Banner advertising on targeted websites.

The benefits of online advertising include:

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You’re able to target individuals based on:

  • terms they’re searching for online;
  • their specific demographics (i.e. age, location etc); or
  • their interests.

Cost Effective

Because your message is targeted you’re not paying for exposure to people who are not going to be interested like you get with modern print media. In addition the cost per exposure is often quite small when compared to the benefits achieved.

Statistics and Feedback

During and after your campaigns you have access to vital statistics on direct exposure, click throughs and other actions taken. This is far more accurate and comprehensive than with traditional print media.