Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to communicate with your customers. When combined with a social media strategy you can improve the chances of your customers reading your message dramatically.

All you need to do is supply the content and we will turn it into a beautiful and functional email newsletter.

Our email marketing solution uses a tool that not only enables us to design great looking campaigns but also to track vital user activity. This level of analytics allows you to follow up campaigns with targeted calls/follow up actions to help increase conversation rates.

Our solution is offered as one of two packages and offers the following benefits:

Find Out More

Fill out our ‘Request A Follow Up’ form and we can contact you to discuss your needs and budget in more detail.

Construction & Design of your mailout

We will work with your content to create a beautiful and functional newsletter to help engage your audience.


List management

Sign-up/Subscribe options can easily be added to your website to help increase your list. Our emails also comply with ‘unsubscribe’ requirements for spam legislation.

Send a draft for your approval

Once designed, and prior to sending, we will provide you with a draft for your feedback and final approval.

Send your campaign

Once we have your approval we will send your campaign to your list, or a specific segment of your list if you prefer.

Cost effective

We charge on a per mail out basis so you only pay for what you use. No monthly service fees and no contract periods.

Analytics (Plus plan only)

Under our ‘Plus’ plan you will get access to a range of statistics including: Opens, Click throughs, Subscribes and Unsubcribes.