For most small businesses their choice of email solution is limited to one of three options:

1. Using a free public domain address i.e. Many common ones include, or even ones from your internet provider such as
2. Using your own domain with a basic email service provided by your web hosting company. This might be simply email only or email and website with your domain register or some other cheap hosting service.
3. Use a Microsoft Email Exchange server.

While these are free to low cost solutions they come with some negatives as follows:

1. Option 1 above doesn’t really create a professional image. It says we are a part time business that doesn’t invest in itself. This can create an image (whether fair or not) in the eyes of your potential customers.
2. Support is often slow, hard to get a hold of or completely non-existent. When something goes wrong you end up speaking with an anonymous person at the end of a phone or internet chat service.
3. Spam filters are often poor at best, or difficult to set up and manage on an ongoing basis.
4. In the case of option three you have the upfront and ongoing costs of maintaining and server that likely serves very little purpose other than managing your emails.

There is now a solution that offers all of the benefits of an enterprise email solution at a very low small business cost.

At Beyond Square we’re now looking to introduce a new solution that offers an enterprise level email solution, cloud storage, online calendars, web conferencing and much more. Importantly it also comes with a very strong spam filter. The efficiency gains that you get from a reduction in spam could in fact offset much if not all of the costs involved.

The cost for all of this is a very reasonable €55 per annum per user. Each user is an individual who can have multiple addresses such as info@, sales@, support@ etc.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for anyone who might be interested in exploring this as an option for their business.

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