Social Media has been a game changer for small businesses when it comes to launching a new product. No longer do you have to try and get your product in the ‘press’ as you effectively become your own ‘press’.

Here are some great ideas on how to use social media to launch a new product:

1. Start a ‘Founders’ group

It’s human nature to want to feel special so make your potential customers feel special by allowing them to join a founders group for your new products. As a member of your group they might receive updates on product development and/or early access to your product or service or special discounts upon.

To do this you can use email list sign-up boxes across your various social channels or direct users to a specific page on your website where they can join up.

2. Create a teaser campaign

This works particularly well on twitter where you can use #hashtags to create a sense of interest and possibly send your campaign viral.

Give your campaign a code name (which can also serve as your #hashtag) and start posting messages around this theme. Refer to the project name and randomly post cryptic comments and images to increase the sense of interest and intrigue.

Here are some great tips that I recently came across when using this strategy:

  • Experiment using Facebook posts with and without images.
  • Share progress images (I showed fuzzed-out logos we were working on).
  • Reference your “code name” in all of your updates to create natural curiosity.
  • Be very careful not to reveal too much too early (even to your closest friends and employees!).

3. Use ‘Coming Soon’ messages

coming soonWhen you are ready to start advertising the impending launch of your product or service make sure you let everyone know.

One of the best ways to do this is to make use of the audience that you already have. Place notices/ads on your website, post coming soon messages on your Facebook wall and your twitter feed and directly contact your ‘Founders’ list.

4. Have someone interview you

Traditionally the way this worked was that you reached out to some form of press organisation and offered yourself to be interviewed. You would then hope that not only was your offer accepted but also that your interview made the final editorial cut.

Now you can turn the tables. Ask someone to interview you and then release the interview across your own channels. This can be in the form of a voice interview in iTunes or your website or a video on youtube or some other video hosting platform.

Here are some tips I found on how to make this run smoothly for you:microphone

  • Do the heavy lifting for the guest host, including providing a few questions he or she can ask you.
  • Let the guest host run the show (step back and enjoy the spotlight).
  • Focus on providing a ton of value.
  • Pick a host who can relate to your launch and perhaps resonate with the ideal target market.

In summary there are many ways to use social media to launch a new product or service. Try these and perhaps try some of your own. We would love to hear about some of your successes so please feel free to drop over and tell us about them.

Good luck with your next launch