You might have noticed that it has been a few weeks since our last blog post was published. This has been a result of the fact that we have been caught up in the craziness that is trying to setup an office in another country. That problem has now been solved and we are up and running. However it has caused us to break one of the Golden Rules of Online Marketing and that is consistency.¬†Once you start you can’t stop (if you wish to achieve maximum outcomes).


You might be curious as to why consistency is so important, especially if you have achieved your first goal of creating awareness with a potential guest. After all if they know you exist why keep pestering them.

The simple answer is that that might know you exist but if they are not ready to purchase now, they might also over time forget you are there.

Put simply consistency in your online marketing is about reinforcing that you are there, ready and willing whenever the subscriber is ready to purchase.

What sort of online marketing are you referring to?

When we refer to online marketing we are generally referring to these main tools:

  • Website blogs (which is what you are reading now);
  • Email Marketing i.e. newsletters, special offers etc (which might be how you found this blog in the first place); and
  • Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others.

This list is not exhaustive however if you try to focus on to much then you can lose a lot of time.

How do we do it?

The best way is to set aside some time each day or each week and use that time to do your online marketing. Set yourself a time limit and stick to it. If you want to post each day that doesn’t mean you need to be online each and everyday. There are numerous tools about that let you schedule a whole bunch of posts at once, that can then be delivered at times of your choosing.

In summary, if you can be disciplined in your approach and can keep your marketing consistent then you should reap the rewards. Just remember not to get caught up in a time warp.

Best of Luck